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What constitutes a “Music Therapist”?

We understand that the definition and education of “Music Therapists” vary per country. Therefore, our definition of who is “allowed” in the community chat will also vary and be based on a case-by-case scenario depending on where the Music Therapist is and has studied.

Sheet Music and Guitar

Definition and education of "Music Therapist" by country:


A board certified music therapist (MT-BC) that has completed their education from 1,200 hours of clinical training (including a supervised internship), and passed the CBMT Board Certification Examination.


In Mexico, a music therapist is recognized as a clinician who must have completed an accredited music therapy undergraduate or graduate program, or have clinical training of at least 450 supervised hours.

Puerto Rico:

Asociación de musicoterapia de Puerto Rico: Professional/MT-BC Residente en PR, Profesional/MT Residente en PR

Costa Rica:

Must have completed a music therapy bachelor or higher degree from an accredited music therapy program and received


To practice as a music therapist in Argentina, you must study at the University and currently obtain a bachelor's degree, ( licenciado, no se si es asi la traduccion)  with a duration of 4 to 5 years of study, which  hours of clinical practice,  at the university. Argentina has the recognition of the profession through the National Professional Practice Law and in some provinces.


Para registrarse en España como musicoterapeuta profesional, es necesario haber cursado un bachelor en MT o un máster de 60ECTS.

We realize a lot of countries are not listed.

If you have information the education needed to practice music therapy in your country, please e-mail it to so we can add it to our list! :)


Entendemos que hay muchos países que no estan en la lista.

Si tienes informacion sobre la educación necesitada para practicar musicoterapia en tu país, por favor enviala a para poder agregarlo en nuestra lista. :)

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